Blended training programme for nurses and nursing students

The specific project, eLILY2-RN, aims to develop a blended training programme (class sessions and eLearning course) for nurses and nursing students by expanding the existing knowledge developed as part of the eLILY project “eHealth Literacy Learning skills among informal carers of older people and people with Dementia”.
During the project, a blended training course will be developed and piloted to enhance the knowledge and skills concerning the consequences of low-level Health Literacy and eHealth literacy among nurses and nursing students. A best practice guide will support the course developed to promote the project among stakeholders and policymakers.
The eLILY2 project focuses on enhancing the knowledge and skills and providing the tools for nurses to:
1. Identify and understand the healthcare service users with low-level Health and eHealth Literacy: common signs, tools used to measure health literacy and eHealth literacy, impact on patients’ outcomes, to increase awareness of the role of health literacy for patient safety.
2. Communicate and educate health service users to increase their empowerment and health-related self-efficacy (verbal and written communication methods and verification of patients’ understanding)
3. Enhance eHealth literacy skills among nurses and nursing students.

ELILY2 Project Outputs

Project partners

The project coordinator is Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus).

The project also involves educational institutions from four other European countries: Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland) and University of Ostrava (Czech Republic).
Meetings and Events

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